Usernames and Channels

On the site each account holder has a unique username that they log in with. Each user can then have as many channels as they want, though most users will have just one channel where they will upload their videos, create playlists, customize their landing page, and so on. You can name your channel anything you want, and it will have a unique URL.


Most common:
User (login): seymourbutts
Channel: ‘Amazing Cat Videos’ (
User (login): seymourbutts
Channel: ‘Amazing Cat Videos’ (

Multiple channels:
User (login): seymourbutts
Channel: ’Amazing Cat Videos’ (
Channel: ‘Seymour’s Playhouse’ (
Channel: ‘Other Stuff’ (

The ‘Channel Name’ and URL do not have to be the same. Also, the username and channel name are not exclusive to each other- you can own multiple channels as well as share ownership of a channel with another user.

Logged in view:

Public view:

^Note that no one will be able to see your username/login. You will only be known publicly by your channel name.

You can find and manage your channels by logging in and selecting My Channels from the account drop-down menu at the upper right corner.