How do I make my content go viral?

Why certain videos "go viral" (get tons of views and buzz) and others don't is pretty much a mystery. What catches people's attention changes all the time. However, there are some articles about this topic that you should read:

And wait, there's more:

  • Make sure your content is titled appropriately and has a good description that will make people want to click. Adding a click-enticing thumbnail is helpful; but keep it PG-13. Also, misleading thumbnails will make disappointed viewers downvote content and hurt its popularity.
  • Make sure your video gets out on social networks (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.), and get all of your friends to post about it.
  • Seed it on blogging sites like Blogger or WordPress.

These are just some general/ generic guidelines. What works for some may or may not work for others. In the constantly evolving world of social media, it's best to try a little bit of everything and see what works for you and your material.